Frequently Asked Questions

When is World Breastfeeding Week (WBW)?

WBW is officially celebrated on 1-7 August every year to mark the anniversary of the Innocenti Declaration. However, some countries choose to celebrate it at different times of the year.


Millions of people all over the world organise activities to celebrate WBW. Don’t forget to pledge and report your event this year!

What languages are the WBW materials available in?

The full set of WBW campaign materials (Logo, Poster, Action Folder and Insert) will be available in the current official and working languages of the United Nations (Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish).


Some of the WBW campaign materials will also be available in other languages. Visit the Campaign Materials page on our website for more information.


If you have translated WBW campaign materials into your language, do email them to us at

How can I participate in the WBW celebration?

Join the celebration in the following ways:


Use/distribute the Campaign Materials: Sign up for updates or visit the WBW website regularly to check for updates on Campaign Materials and other resources. After your event, remember to send us your report and we will send you an e-certificate for each event or activity you have organised.


Pledge and report on your WBW2019 activity/event: Pledge to participate in the #WBW2019 celebrations by sending us details of your activities and we will pin your information to our Pledge Map.


Join the social media  movement: We will be creating a Media and Social Media Kit containing information and assets that you can use in the #WBW2019 campaign. Interact on the #WBW2019 social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram, and use the following hashtags in all your social media interaction: #WBW2019 #WABA #EmpowerParents #EnableBreastfeeding #breastfeeding #SDGs #worldbeeastfeedingweek2019

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding WBW?

Write to us at for any enquiries.

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