Preventing malnutrition in all its forms


Optimal breastfeeding helps prevent malnutrition in all its forms with positive lifelong effects on both children and mothers.


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 8 messages's free, it's ready available with all required nutrients for a growing baby needs and it's natural God given!

It's about feeding and seeding protective gut microbiota. Because imbalanced flora is the direct cause of growth stunting.

By creating awareness and advocating for exclusive breastfeeding in our respective community.

by Lucy Westerman, NCD Alliance on Preventing malnutrition in all its forms

Protecting and promoting breastfeeding is one of the smartest policy areas governments can invest in - it not only optimally nourishes baby, but breastfeeding can reduce risk of NCDs including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and mental health conditions - among the leading cause of global death and disability, promoting health of both mother and baby across the life-course, and has extensive benefits across development. win win win!

Nutrition interventions are needed to educate families and caregivers on better practices for the first 1000 days of life

Use locally available food to best complement breastfeeding and educate on substitutions when common foods are out of season

Chronic malnutrition and undernutrition is a major problem facing Malawi, and is caused by food insecurity, unhealthy lifestyles and environments and poor caring practices.

Breastmilk is the complete package. You get all the vitamins, minerals, calories, antibodies you need from breastmilk. Breastmilk alone can sustain human life. Sounds pretty preventative of malnutrition to me.