" If you love, you breastfeed "
Name :Telma Geovanini
Title : Only Love

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" A health worker is giving a talk about feeding Algorithm to both HIV positive and negative mothers who are breastfeeding to continue with exclusive breastfeeding so that it helps their babies to grow healthier"
Name :Namatovu Jane
Title : HIV positive and Negative mothers who are breastfeeding

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"Counseling on breastfeeding to frontline workers using IYCF booklet "
Name : Neha Khara
Title : Counseling on Breastfeeding

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" A mother breastfeeds her baby and toddler while reading to her children"
Name : Lindsay Calcerano
Title : Tandem Nursing at the library

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"Enhance skill promote health "
Name : Gokul Pathak
Title : Health education to a mothers group on appropriate method of Complementary Feeding practices

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" In the wake of Typhoon Washi, a health care worker strongly encourages a breastfeeding mother in a evacuation center on the value of continuing breastfeeding to provide her infant optimal nutrition and protection amidst no portable water supply, congestion and unhealthy donations"
Name : Jessamine C. Sareno
Title : Protecting breastfeeding mother - Infant dyads through Lactation support during National Disasters

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"Initiating breastfeeding during a cesarean section "
Name : Sunita Katyayan
Title : Timely Initiation

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" Women breastfeeding her baby in the shop whilst she is standing up and talking on the phone.."
Name : Paul Carter
Title : At work -2

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"The company provides a room (breastfeeding corner) for working mothers to express breastmilk whenever they feel engorgement and no time limit. "
Name : Yupayong Hangchaovanich
Title : Time for breastfeeding break

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"The teen fathers also support their babies to breastfed exclusively, because its natural feeding and costs nothing. "
Name : Namatovu Jane
Title : Teen fathers support Breastfeeding.

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20th World Breastfeeding Week

Understanding the Past-

Planning the Future

Celebrating 10 years of WHO/UNICEF's Global Strategy
for Infant and Young Child Feeding

World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) 2012
Photography Contest
Congratulations! WABA is pleased to congratulate the contestants whose entries have been selected as winning photos for the WBW 2012 Photo Contest!

Each winner will be receiving a prize of US$100.00 for the selected photo. We are looking forward for your participation next year.

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