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20th World Breastfeeding Week

Understanding the Past-

Planning the Future

Celebrating 10 years of WHO/UNICEF's Global Strategy
for Infant and Young Child Feeding

World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) 2012
Photography Contest
WBW 2011 Photos Contest Entries
The photo contest have ended.
Please view the winning photos at "Photo Contest Results Page.

Feature your breastfeeding photos in this year's Action Folder! WABA is organising a global breastfeeding photography contest again for WBW 2012. Ten winning photos will be selected, and contributors whose photos are featured in the WBW Action Folders, Posters and Banners will be awarded US$100 for each published photo.

Total worth of prizes US$ 1,000!
  • US$ 100 per winning photo
  • Feature in the WBW 2012 Action Folder, Banner and Poster which will be distributed to more than 170 countries worldwide!

The World Breastfeeding Week 2012 Photo Contest came to an end on March 15th, BUT due to enthusiastic responses WABA has decided to give participants until March 23rd to send in their photos. THIS is Your LAST opportunity to send in your best photo so that it can compete to be featured in this year's WBW Action Folder, Posters and Banners!

How to participate
wbw2011 photo 1. You may submit an unlimited number of entries; which could be either analog/print or digital format or both.

2. Analog/print format entries must be at least 8R in size.

3. Digital format entries must be delivered in JPEG format file and no less than 2560 pixel x 1920 pixel.

4. Submitted entries must have the title, date, year, location, name of photographer and caption.

5. All cost incurred during this participation shall be borne by participant i.e. cost for image processing, printing, developing, delivery etc.

6. All submissions must be completed together with this contest form. This form is also available on our website at www.worldbreastfeedingweek.org

About WBW and the Action Folder
wbw2011 photo World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is celebrated every 1-7 August since 1992 by breastfeeding supporters in over 170 countries. It is endorsed and supported by UNICEF, WHO, FAO and ministries of health in many countries. The WBW action folder is a global advocacy tool for breastfeeding advocates to highlight breastfeeding issues. An action folder is a 6-page information sheet that provides introduction and discussion of the chosen theme, examples and data where relevant, ideas for action, resources and regional WBW contacts. Visit www.worldbreastfeedingweek.net for samples of previous action folders. As a social mobilising tool, the action folder also carries colourful images/pictures to make it more interesting and readable.

Rules & Regulations
1. This contest is open to all except for the manufacturers or distributors of breastmilk substitutes, related equipment such as feeding bottles and teats, commercial foods for breastfeeding mothers, and commercial complementary foods, including employees and associates of such companies.

2. Participants may submit as many entries as they wish.

3. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.

4. All submission are non-returnable and shall remain the sole property of WABA; WABA reserves all rights to reproduce, publicise or to exhibit the submissions in any form of media or medium whether locally or internationally without any prior notification or payment made to participants. Credit and acknowledgement will be given accordingly.

5. Image submitted must not be published by any media or medium prior to this.

6. All entries must be of participants' original works. Usage of third party/parties creative works are prohibited, in which the entry will be automatically disqualified.

7. With the entry submission, the participants hereby agree to indemnify WABA from any and all legal claims or otherwise.

8. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: subject matter, composition, creativity and technique.

9. Minor photo touch-up is allowed i.e. adjustment of brightness of colour and softening or sharpening of the image.

10. The following technique will not be accepted: digital super imposition, composite photographs, photo montage, trick photographs, digital imaging and image manipulations.
11. All entries must be submitted by 15 March 2012 to:
WABA, P.O. Box 1200, 10850 Penang, Malaysia and/or wbw@waba.org.my
12. Judges decision is final and any form of correspondences shall not be entertained.
13. Winner shall be notified via email and WBW website www.worldbreastfeedingweek.org by 15 April 2012.

What are we looking for?
wbw2011 photo Understanding on the issue would help you take a great picture! Please read the WBW 2012 Calendar Announcement for more information.