James Achanyi-Fontem
Breastfeeding Activist venerate monument during WBW 2013

James Achanyi-Fontem
Breastfeeding Activist venerate monument during WBW 2013

Prof. Jadhav Sonali Tarachand
Advocating for Breastfeeding

Ma. Ines Av. Fernandez
Mom supporting mom to save SAM - severely acute malnutrition baby

Dr. Charusheela Korday
Breastfeeding and Kangaroo Mother Care - The Miraculous Duo in saving Lives!

Dr. Ellen Girerd-Barclay
22-month old Mahmoud Bounu's (Ag. Mahmoud Bounu Kr.) life was saved by breastfeeding, when his family ran from Mali with nothing but their lives. His mother, Almeyata (W. Mohammed Almeyata) continued to breastfeed him, after the family's food ran out, and kept him alive until he reached the camp in Burkina Faso. Malnourished, Mahmoud was able to recover with medical care and feeding support from Save the Children, and continued breastfeeding.

Elissa Kiggins
Achieving our goals together for a healthy active start to life

Hospital San Antonio

Dr. Daksha Pandit
Do's and Dont's of breastfeeding-IEC in progress at UHC, Turbhe

Iris Michelle R Uberas
Breastfeeding Power in Evacuation Tent

Inma Pablos
A mother breastfeeding her baby while the nurse make an analysis

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World Breastfeeding Week

1 - 7 August 2014

Breastfeeding :

A Winning Goal

For Life !


World Breastfeeding Week 2014

Photo Contest Results

Congratulations to all the winners!
WABA is pleased to announce the entries that have been selected as the winning photos for the WBW 2014 Photo Contest!

Each winner will be receiving a prize of US$100.00 for the selected photo. Additionally, we will be putting up the winning photo on our WBW website, and it will be included in the WBW 2014 Action Folder!

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