World Breastfeeding Week. 1 - 7 August.
Celebrated in more than 170 countries worldwide.

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  • Talk to me! Breastfeeding - a 3D Experience
    WABA is pleased to announce the World Breastfeeding Week theme for 2011 focusing on engaging and mobilising youth intergenerational work with the catchy slogan of: "Talk to me! Breastfeeding - a 3D Experience". The theme deals with communication at various levels and between various sectors.

  • Why 3D?

    When we look at breastfeeding support, we tend to see it in two-dimensions: time (from pre-pregnancy to weaning) and place (the home, community, health care system, etc). But neither has much impact without a THIRD dimension - communication!

    Communication is an essential part of protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding. We live in a world where individuals and global communities connect across small and great distances at an instant's notice. New lines of communication are being created every day, and we have the ability to use these information channels to broaden our horizons and spread breastfeeding information beyond our immediate time and place to activate important dialogue.

    This third dimension includes cross-generation, cross-sector, cross-gender, and cross-culture communication and encourages the sharing of knowledge and experience, thus enabling wider outreach.

WBW Flashmob

  • First World Breastfeeding Week Flashmob in Malaysia!
  • �Feed the Future!� Flashmob at Gurney Plaza � 7 August, 2011
  • To commemorate the end of the international World Breastfeeding Week 2011 (1-7 August in 170+ countries) celebrations, over 100 local Penangites convened at Gurney Plaza on Sunday, 7 August 2011 and surprised shoppers with a 3 minute flashmob led by youth. The impromptu dance, titled Feed the Future!, was a fun and invigorating way to involve the entire community to support and normalize breastfeeding. Organized by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action and the local Penang Mother-to-Mother Peer Support Group, the flashmob sought to bring a clear message into a public arena � breastfeeding is natural and normal! The team collaborated with local musicians Dhanen Mahes (Ksatriya) and Samwise Wee Kee to create a hip and powerful original song called Stand Up Everybody that calls on people to listen and take notice of how breastfeeding has been distorted by sexual connotations and major milk powder and baby food companies unethically marketing their products to mothers. Choreographed by Aida Redza, the strong movements were symbolic gestures of shielding oneself from the dissuaders around us. The last line of the song ��time to take your breasts back!� is about reclaiming breasts for what they�re meant for - breastfeeding. It�s not just a woman�s responsibility, but her extended network that provides moral and physical support.

  • The mosaic of faces, ethnicities, ages, and genders in the flashmob reflected exactly what this year's World Breastfeeding Week theme is all about. Talk to Me! Breastfeeding - a 3D Experience calls on people to reach out and bring the breastfeeding conversations into the open! Special thanks to all the women, men, and youth who participated, along with IPG College, AIESEC USM, Fairview International School, Han Chiang High School, Girl Guides of Penang, Intel, Down Syndrome Association of Penang, Zero Fitness Dance Studio, and Gurney Plaza for their enthusiasm and support in numbers!

WBW Pledges and Events!

  • World Breastfeeding Week is fast approaching! Remember, this celebration is driven by YOU!
  • Talk to us about what exciting WBW events will be happening in your community by filling out this quick online form. By doing this, you'll be part of an ongoing virtual mosaic display of WBW participants around the world and inform new celebrants of local events!

WBW 2011 Flash Mob!

  • Ready to get energized and excited about World Breastfeeding Week? WABA has collaborated with the talented Ksatriya and Samwise Music to produce an amazing track for a global breastfeeding flashmob! Dance steps coming soon, but here's the full mp3 and lyrics available for download. Feel free to choreograph your own steps! Stand Up Everybody!

  • Step by step tutorial video

    Group Shot tutorial video

  • Download the music (mp3, 2903k)

  • Lyrics:

    listen up
    imma rap about breasts
    cuz ev'ry other song
    has a line about her chest

    and the world's OK with
    the sex context
    but feed the future and
    the world's like

    what the heck?
    they call it a rack

    turn a gift of god
    into a sales contest
    and treat ev'ry woman
    like an item on the shelf

    major corporations and
    snakeoil quacks
    claim to replace
    what's nature's best

    with powdered potions,
    subliminal ads

    enough of that
    it's time to act
    k and waba say
    time to take your breast back

  • The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) retains all rights including the lyrics, song, images and any other information contained in site. You may print, reproduce, retrieve or use the lyrics, song and images contained in the link provided to promote the cause at similar breastfeeding related World Breastfeeding Week events, non commercial, personal, or educational purposes. If the material is used for other purposes, you must obtain permission from WABA to use the copyrighted material prior to its use. No commercial contract will be made or deemed to be entered into unless confirmed in writing by WABA

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