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Download WBW 2018 Materials

WBW is officially celebrated on 1-7 August every year to mark the anniversary of the Innocenti Declaration. However, some countries choose to celebrate it at different times of the year. Millions of people all over the world organise activities to celebrate WBW.

Visit the pages below on our website for access to various WBW materials and resources:

  1. Materials page
  1. Social Media Kit
    • The WBW-SDGs campaign
    • About #WBW2018
    • Join the social media movement
    • Use the #WBW2018 creative assets
      • Materials
      • Visuals
      • Infographic
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      • Message Boxes
    • Interact on the #WBW2018 social media channels
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    • Share your #WBW2018 event
    • Copyright Notice
  2. Media Kit
    • #WBW2018 Press Release
    • UNICEF/WHO Joint Letter in Support of World Breastfeeding Week 2018
    • 1990 Innocenti Declaration
    • 2005 Innocenti Declaration
    • About WABA Bookmark
    • WHO Global strategy on infant and young child feeding
    • WBW Action Folder
    • WHA Resolution

The full set of WBW materials (Logo, Poster and Action Folder) is available in the current official and working languages of the United Nation (Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish) as well as Portuguese.


Some of the WBW materials e.g. the Press Release are also available in other languages. Visit the Materials page on our website for more information.


If you have translated our materials into your language, do email them to us at [email protected].


To use the WBW logo, please fulfil the 4 steps below:

STEP 1: Read our Copyright Notice:
WABA asserts all rights under the Berne Convention over the image known as SDG-WBW18 (logo). This copyright is subject to fair use, with appropriate attribution to WABA. The image may be used in celebrating World Breastfeeding Week and other activities related to the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding. The image must not be changed in any way or used in any way that damages WABA's reputation, whether by content, context or association. Permission must always be sought before the image is used in any commercial activity. The image known as SDG-WBW18 must not be used in any activity sponsored by companies producing or marketing breastmilk substitutes, related equipment and complementary foods.


STEP 2: Write to us at [email protected]  with the following information:
- Are you receiving any sponsorship?
- Will there be any other logo/text accompanying the SDG-WBW18 logo?


STEP 3: Send us the final layout of how you intend to use the SDG-WBW18 logo. WABA will review it and revert to you with a decision.


STEP 4: Credit WABA for usage of the SDG-WBW18 logo.
If you want to modify the SDG-WBW18 logo, you must write to WABA explaining how and why you intend to modify it.


View our Social Media Kit for information and assets that you can use in the #WBW2018 campaign. Use our creative assets e.g. Materials, Visuals, Infographics and GIFs in your social media activities and/or send us your innovative ideas on how to address the issues of Preventing malnutrition in all its forms, Ensuring food security even in times of crisis, Breaking the cycle of poverty via our Message Box function.

Use the following hashtags in all your social media interaction: #WBW2018 #WABA #FoundationOfLife #breastfeeding #SDGs #worldbeeastfeedingweek2018.

Interact on the #WBW2018 social media channels: Twitter , WBW FB page, Instagram 

First, you can pledge your event or activity and be featured on our Pledge Map. After your event, remember to send us your report and we will send you an e-certificate for each event or activity you have organised.

WABA provides seed grants for projects to organisations to plan activities that will inform, anchor, engage and galvanise on breastfeeding as the foundation for life. Find out more on how to apply and the criteria for selection here.


Write to us at [email protected] for any enquiries.