World Breastfeeding Week 2011

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Action Folders

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  • The WBW21011 materials are now for sale.

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Posters / Banners

WBW Calendar

WBW Doll (Papercraft)

  • Build your own WBW Doll and decorate your workplace! Download the PDF and fold according to instructions.

    (Paper doll template courtesy of
  • WBW Doll (pdf, 765k)
  • See the WBW Doll in 3D!
    Click on the following pictures to see the WBW Doll in 3d.


    Can't see the doll in 3d? Follow this link for cross-eye tutorial.

WBW Icons

  • Decorate your work space, webpages or even blogs with these beautiful WBW icon, all available in .PNG format. To save them just click on each of them.
  • Sea Blue, 250px x 250px Green, 250px x 250px Blue, 250px x 250px Purple, 250px x 250px Red, 250px x 250px Orange, 250px x 250px